SKV(G) - 15 - 400

Duoblokové rotačné horáky

  • SAACKE rotary atomising technology

  • The basis of the SAACKE rotary atomising technology is the multi-stage rotation and air atomisation with thermal support. The result of this technology is a very fine oil atomisation with a narrow homogeneous droplet spectrum and a constantly high quality throughout the entire wide control range. The combustion process is optimally controlled, since the combustion air is distributed as primary, secondary and tertiary air.
  • The essential part of the rotary cup atomiser is the rotating atomising cup. The liquid fuel is supplied to this cup almost without any pressure. The centrifugal forces produced by the cup’s rotation, draw a wafer-thin homogenous and closed oil film. This film is then uniformly distributed on the inside of the cup. When the oil film leaves the cup’s rim, the existing surface tension makes that it is widened up into an extremely fine film mist. The primary air emerging with a high kinetic energy concentrically around the cup rim now carries out the final and essential part of the atomisation.
  • SAACKE gas ringer burner technology

  • The mixing unit of the SG resp. SKVG gas burners realises cross-flow mixing of the gas with combustion air. The gas is led to the furnace by means of specially designed nozzle bores. By this process, fuel-rich and fuel-poor zones are formed. The result of this “staging¨ is a complete and low-noise combustion with very low NOx emissions.
  • The combustion air of the SG and the SKVG burner is guided to the combustion process by 3 individually adjustable partial streams. This allows quick commissioning at different firing plants and hot gas generators.
  • The result: optimum combustion.
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