DDZ(G) 8-18

Duoblokové horáky s parným rozprašovaním

  • Within the steam atomising burner, the oil gun and the atomising nozzle are located in the centre of the air guiding unit. The fuel gas is guided to the combustion zone by means of several gas guns that are circularly located in the core air tube. The gas guns are connected to each other by means of the outer gas ring body and may be adjusted „from outside“: by turning the gas guns by their longitudinal axis, the gas flame may be optimally adjusted to achieve lowest emission values. The combustion air is divided into core air and main combustion air. At the end of the core air tube, a stabilisator with slightly-aligned vanes has been mounted.
  • To adapt the gas and oil flame to the furnace, the burner is equipped with a swirl body that may be moved in axial direction.
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